Bearden with founders of Cinque Gallery

Cinque Artists Program

Named after the Cinque Gallery, the non profit established in 1969 by Romare Bearden, Norman Lewis and Ernest Crichlow, the Cinque Artists Program continues the gallery’s legacy in supporting artists through various stages of their careers, and by offering opportunities to engage in conversation and networking.

Primarily geared to practicing artists and art students, the events are always open to the general public and enthusiasts.

We present four to six programs a year on topics that support artists in their professional, artistic and personal development, and provide information, and resources from practicing artists. We invite artists and other experts to present on a range of topics such as using technology, website development, branding, materials, artist and travel; biennials and art fairs; artist papers and archives. Attendees are encouraged to engage actively, exchange information, and collaborate beyond the panels.

CAP also includes Foundation organized exhibitions with partners that showcase other artists and art related to Bearden.

Most Recent Cinque Program recordings

Yolene Legrand (May 18, 2023): HERE

Willie Cole (April 26, 2023): on Facebook: HERE

Celebrating Nanette Bearden with Sheila Rohan and Walter Rutledge (January 31, 2023): HERE 

View links to recordings on Youtube hosted by our partner Harlem One Stop: HERE

Nanette Carter (October 12, 2022)

A Dealer Tells Her Bearden Story with Peg Alston (June 30, 2022)

Past topics included: Artist & Travel, Galleries, Artists Archives, Cinque Gallery, Collectors, and Artist Talks with Nanette Carter, Alisha Wormsley, Adrienne Elise Tarver, Deborah Jack, Xaviera Simmons, Valerie Maynard, Ben Jones, Danny Simmons, Amiri Baraka, Carlos Martinez, and others.

For more information about the CAP program, please contact us.

July 27, 2023

Artist Talk: Revisiting the Spiral Group Commemorates the historic artist collective (July 5, 1963)  Artist and Spiral member Richard Mayhew with scholar Courtney Martin on the legacy. Thursday July 27, 2023 Location: virtual

May 2, 2022

Artist Talk: “There Are Black People in the Future” is an afro-futurist interdisciplinary body of work that Alisha Wormsley began developing in 2012, which includes video, prints, collages, sculptures, and billboards. Wormsley talked with us about her newest projects. Location: virtual

May 28, 2019

Through paintings, photographs, videos, and immersive installations, multimedia artist Adrienne Elise Tarver,  seeks to open access to origin stories, drawing attention to the abundant mythologies of the black woman and her interchangeable identities. Location: Harlem School of the Arts.

Nov 7, 2017

Uptown Galleries was a panel presentation by gallerist Elizabeth Dee, Sherman Edmiston, Essie Green Galleries, and Lewis Long. All located in Harlem, and giving an opportunity to have discussion about the uptown art world, highlighting issues of space and gentrification. Location: Harlem School of the Arts.

Oct. 3, 2017

Artist Talk and Conversation with Deborah Jack. Ms. Jack presented on her photo-based art that explores water, salt and hurricanes, particularly in her native home on St. Martin, French West Indies. Moderated by C. Daniel Dawson. Location Harlem School of the Arts.

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