Carolina Shout, 1974

Romare Bearden's Artwork

Romare Bearden used personal memories, African-American cultural history, and literature as the source of his subject matter. He placed aspects of African-American life within the context of universal themes.

His style was influenced by numerous sources, including Western European art, African sculpture, the art of his contemporaries in America and Mexico, and music—especially blues and jazz. He’s most famous for his collage work, which he used in unique and innovative ways. He also made paintings in watercolor, gouache, and oil, edition prints, monotypes, murals, and one assemblage sculpture.

What I saw was Black life presented on its own terms, on a grand and epic scale, with all its richness and fullness. It was the art of a large and generous spirit that defined not only the character of Black American life, but also its conscience.

August Wilson

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