On working with Bearden in printmaking: I think it gave him a different dimension. I personally learned a lot about my paintings from making prints. Artists sometimes try and do something else to take them away from what they do. It’s like painting, because painting is also tactile. But the idea of seeing it in a different format, different shape, might bring other ideas into your own regular work.

Mohanmmad Omer Khalil

Slave Ship, 1971

Homage to Mary Lou (Piano Lesson), 1984

Jammin at the Savoy, 1981-82

The Lamp, 1984

The Conversation, 1977

Trains, Through Freight, 1974

Additional Print Art

Carolina Blue
Come Sunday
Martin Luther King Jr. - Mountain Top
Morning of the Rooster
Odyssey Suite
Out Chorus
Pepper Jelly Lady
Prevalence of Ritual- In the Garden
Prevalence of Ritual- Prologue to Troy
Prevalence of Ritual- Salome
Sorcerer’s Village
Sunday Morning at Avila
The Lantern
12 Trains - Nite Train

Romare Bearden Art

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