Public Art

Romare Bearden’s art can be found in public places coast-to-coast. Here are examples of Bearden’s Public Art and where some of them can be found.

Baltimore Uproar, 1983

Located in the Upton / Avenue Market Metro Station, Baltimore, MD.

Quilting Time, 1986

Mosaic of glass tiles, installed in a permanent collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

City Of Glass, 1982

Located over the stairway landing at the Westchester Square - East Tremont Avenue Subway Station in New York City at the 6 Subway Line.

Untitled, Olympics 1981-82

Previously located at the Civic Center Coliseum, the two panels are now located at the Hartford Library, CT.

Untitled, Arts 1981-82

Pittsburgh Recollections, 1984

Ceramic tile mural composed of 780 tiles. It was made by Bennington Potters, Inc. and located at the Gateway Center “T” Station of the Pittsburgh Allegheny Rapid Transit Authority.

Before Dawn, 1989

The glass tiles were forged by the Crovatto Maosaic Company in Italy. The mural is near the front entrance to the Main Library of the Weil Popular Library in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Additional Public Art

Ancestral Memories
Berkeley - The City And Its People
Borough of Manhattan Community - College Mural
The Grill
Howard University, Art Department
Play On Backdrop
The Stack-Up
Starrett City Mural
St. Martin Church, Harlem

Romare Bearden Art

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