On the occasion of the 110th birthday of Romare Bearden, we are celebrating the upcoming launch of our new YouTube Channel…


A collage of news and information on art and artists brought to you by

the Romare Bearden Foundation.

Jamming at the Savoy, 1981-82

We have been mining our archive of recorded programs, interviews, and documents of the work of others all in the service of promoting and perpetuating the life and art of Romare Bearden. Along the way, we have also collected over 500 hours of performances, readings, lectures from across internet platforms. We aim to bring this rich resource of materials together into engaging virtual programming, re-presenting and creating new perspectives on the Arts.


Our inaugural broadcast later this month will explore the many ways Bearden’s art has been influenced by music, and how musicians and composers have been inspired by Bearden’s art.


Watch this space for updates!


Last of the Blue Devils, 1979 collage

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